WINGS began  in 1985 as a grassroots organization by members of a local church.Their desire was to help homeless women and children in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, an area with few resources for these families. The program was called HASP, Housing and Shelter Program, and began interviewing homeless individuals about their living situations.

Over the progression of the first years of the organization, the leaders of HASP learned that female-headed families were a rapidly increasing segment of the homeless population in the Chicago suburbs. The organization changed its name to WINGS and enhanced its mission to specifically focus its commitment to survivors of domestic violence.

What We Do

WINGS is now one of the largest domestic violence service and housing providers in the state of Illinois. Single women and women with children are able to receive temporary safe shelter through WINGS housing.Staff provides one-on-one, individualized assistance that allows women to set personal goals that will enable them to work, continue their education, and care for themselves and their children.