Are you aware of all the warning signs?

A huge first step towards getting help is acknowledging the signs of domestic abuse.  It is important to realize that, one shouldn’t have to live in fear for the sake of love. It can be hard for one to realize that they may be in an abusive relationship because they have been sensitized. For example, a woman may not see her husband’s aggressive behavior as abusive. Though each situation may be different, there is some definite telltale behavior which is demonstrated by abusers

Fear of the partner is the number one sign. When one constantly feels as though they are walking on egg shells and the partner will blow up any time



  • Name calling, insulting, mocking, swearing and putdowns.
  • Discouraging from working or getting an education
  • Constant monitoring of actions
  • Accusing of being unfaithful or having an affair
  • Getting very angry after using drugs or alcohol
  • Controlling how money is spent
  • Humiliating in front of others
  • Threatening to hurt not only the partner but also the children or pets
  • Controlling the use of contraceptives
  • Blaming the partner for abusive incidents
  • Rushing the partner to make decision through “guilt tripping” and sulking.
  • Manipulating the children
  • Always claiming to be right and making all the decisions
  • Lying, cheating, being overly jealous, hiding information
  • Breaking promises, not taking responsibility, refusing to help with housework
  • Disrespecting by interrupting, changing topics, not listening or responding, twisting the partner’s words, saying bad things about the partner’s friends and family.
  • Ignoring and putting down partner’s accomplishments
  • Treating the partner like a sex object
  • Socially isolating the partner by keeping her from seeing her friends and family

These are some of the signs that one may be in an abusive relationship. Remember these are just the signs, however, after the signs things can get worse and lead to physical, sexual, emotional and economical abuse. If you or someone you know is in abusive relationship, please call our 24 hour hotline, 847-221-5680.