Obtaining an Order of Protection in IL

When an abusive relationship begins to endanger one’s life, an Order of Protection may become necessary. The Order of Protection is a legal order issued by a state court which requires one person to stop harming another person. If the abuser fails follow the court’s order, then the victim can report the abuser to the police or the court. There are three types of Order of Protection: Emergency Order ~ This can be obtained based solely on the victim’s testimony … Continue reading


          February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Did you know 1 in 3 adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of abuse from a dating partner? Did you know girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence–almost triple the national average? Teen dating violence affects many across the nation. So what is teen dating violence? Behaviors used by teens to gain power and control over their … Continue reading

Gaslighting ~ An Effective Form of Emotional Abuse

“You’re making that up.”, “You see everything in the most negative way.”, “Where did you get a crazy idea like that?”, “You have an overactive imagination.” Have you heard something along these lines from your partner? Do you end up questioning and doubting yourself? Do you often find yourself questioning your instincts? Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which  the abuser manipulates situations repeatedly to trick the victim into distrusting her own memory and perceptions. The term Gaslighting comes … Continue reading


Last month, Verizon generously donated $250K to WINGS through their HopeLine Program.  We will be receiving an additional $5K from them!  Click here to read how

Homelessness on the rise in the Chicago suburbs

The number of homeless students in the Chicago suburbs has been rising significantly for the past few years. Thousands of teens are preoccupied about where they are going to live, rather than their focus being on school. Northern Cook County along with DuPage and Lake Counties, have seen the most increase than the rest. In Northwest suburban Cook County the homelessness rate has risen by 55 percent in the past two years with 1,850 students being homeless. In DuPage and … Continue reading

Are you aware of all the warning signs?

A huge first step towards getting help is acknowledging the signs of domestic abuse.  It is important to realize that, one shouldn’t have to live in fear for the sake of love. It can be hard for one to realize that they may be in an abusive relationship because they have been sensitized. For example, a woman may not see her husband’s aggressive behavior as abusive. Though each situation may be different, there is some definite telltale behavior which is … Continue reading

The Safe House ~ Where Healing Begins….

Sometimes the call comes in the silence of the night. Sometimes it’s during the bustle of the midday. Whenever the WINGS crisis line rings, someone is there to answer. Someone is there to console, to inform- when immediate shelter is needed- to welcome each family when they arrive at the Safe House door. The Safe House is open 8,760 hours per year. It is the only emergency domestic violence shelter in northwest Cook County- a service area whose population exceeds … Continue reading

Are you aware of the different types of Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse isn’t just physical and batterers use various tactics to control their victims. Regardless of what form domestic abuse takes, it has damaging effects on the victims. The four main types of domestic abuse include physical, sexual, emotional and financial. Using these various forms at various times the abuser manipulates and controls the victim leaving the victim helpless. Physical Abuse: Physical Abuse by definition is an act of another party involving contact intended to cause feelings of physical pain, … Continue reading

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  October is known for breast cancer awareness month. However, did you know it is also domestic violence awareness month? Did you know one in four women will be victims of domestic abuse? That’s more women than breast, ovarian and lung cancer combined! Recently in the news the issue of domestic violence has received much attention. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to raise awareness about this issue. The need for services for domestically abused … Continue reading

Why they stay? Clearing the misconception…

Too often when it comes to Domestic Violence victims, we very quickly ask “Why don’t you leave?” or  “How can you let him treat you like that?” The answer to that question isn’t so simple! Rather, whether you mean it or not, it almost implies that you’re blaming the victim for all that they’re going through. For most people it’s hard to wrap their head around why a woman continues to live in such a situation. Unfortunately, there are many … Continue reading