Last year hundreds of WINGS volunteers provided over 51,000 hours of service to our organization enabling us to provide the quality housing and services we are known for. Every one of these committed individuals offered a unique contribution that allowed for a better life to the many women and children who need assistance.

If you are interested in helping us in our mission to end domestic violence and homelessness, one family at a time please click on one of the links below.

Steps to Becoming a WINGS Volunteer

– Choose an Open Volunteer Position.
– Consider if the Time Commitment is appropriate for you.
– Complete the Volunteer Application (click here) and email it to Bruna Srb at bsrb@wingsprogram.com.
– Expect to hear from us within one week to Discuss this Opportunity and make sure it will be the best fit.
– Attend a Volunteer Orientation to learn more about the mission of WINGS and how your effort is supporting the women and children in our community.
– At the Volunteer Orientation each person will also be asked to complete a Criminal Background Check.
– Steps to Volunteering at the WINGS Domestic Violence Safe House (click here)
– Get Started!

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Office Assistant (download)
Logistic Center Volunteer (download)
Resale Store Cashier – All Stores (download)
Bilingual/Bicultural (Spanish/English) Level 2 Mentor (download)*

The following volunteer opportunities are needed at both WINGS Domestic Violence Safe Houses, which are located in undisclosed location in Northwest Suburban Area and the City of Chicago.
Safe House Hostess (download)*
Safe House Cook (download)*
Crisis Line Volunteer (download)*
* These opportunities are opportunities with direct client contact and require the State Mandated 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training. 

Completing Service Hours with WINGS

• This is a great opportunity for anyone ages 16 and older who is willing to give at least 40 hours of service. Service hours are completed at our resale stores.

Click here to sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

Eagle Scout Award and Girl Scout Gold Award

Scouts looking to earn the above awards by helping WINGS are encouraged to contact the Manager of Volunteer Services.

If you have questions at any step of this process, please contact Manager of Volunteer Services Bruna Srb or call 847-519-7820 ext. 216