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Victor is the founder of, a website designed to help people overcome adversity, and is the author of Winning Within, There’s Only One You, Be Seen and Heard (Erin’s Law Content), Your VOICE, My Dreams, and has recorded two music CD’s. He is a motivational speaker from Chicago traveling the country sharing these important messages.

Victor Pacini knows the delicate nature of abuse. Not only is he a survivor of sexual abuse but his sister was murdered in 2001 because of domestic violence. He co-founded A Night For Reneé (now called A Night To Remember), an annual benefit that raises money and awareness for WINGS. He has raised over $300,000 for the organization. He has dedicated his life empowering young people to create that confident voice, value that voice, and share that voice with the world.


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INSPIRE By Victor Pacini

Creator of,

Have you ever thought about the people in your life?  Do they inspire you or drain you?  I think it’s important to recognize where you put your focus each and every day.  It’s a habit where our attention goes.  We keep repeating the habit over and over and many times it seems like there’s no way out. There’s an easy way out.  Look at the above print and study it.  It’s time to consciously focus on people that uplift you and inspire you.  Yes, like brushing your teeth, this too, becomes a habit that you must practice.  Every time you feel you are getting sucked into the drama, catch yourself.  After awhile you will be able to see it coming before it even starts.  As you move away from the negative you will increase your focus on the people that inspire you.