children and domestic violence

Children are frequently victimized by domestic violence, even when they are not the targets of the abuser. When people think of domestic violence, they typically visualize adults as the target. The reality, in many cases, is that the adult is also a parent. Many are struggling to figure out how to escape the abuse while also protecting their children.

Children exposed to domestic violence are likely to develop behavioral problems, such as regressing, exhibiting out of control behavior and imitating behaviors. Children may think that violence is acceptable in an intimate relationship.

Adolescents are in jeopardy of academic failure, school drop-out, and substance abuse. Denial and aggression are their major forms of problem solving. Teens cope with domestic violence by blaming others, encountering violence in a relationship, or by running away from home

Their behavior is often guarded and secretive about their family members and they may become embarrassed about their home situation. Adolescents generally don’t like to invite friends over and they spend their free time away from home.

At WINGS, we recognize the critical importance of providing safe solutions that will protect both the person being abused and the children whose lives are being impacted. The services provided at WINGS touch the lives of three times as many children as adults in an average year.

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