Counseling & Planning

At WINGS, we work tirelessly to empower victims of domestic violence. We provide them with the tools they need to escape a dangerous situation and to move towards safety and self-sufficiency.

WINGS provides a wide range of services to help our clients accomplish this. We provide direct assistance with safe housing and safety planning.

We provide mental health counselors who offer guidance to individuals and families who are coping with trauma related to domestic violence and other issues that affect their mental health and well-being. At WINGS, we approach our work holistically, using a “strength-based” approach that highlights, encourages and develops each client’s strengths. This approach empowers individuals to make positive changes in their lives. WINGS also connects clients with life skills and career training.

Many of our clients come to WINGS for help, not just for themselves, but for their children. At WINGS, we offer a variety of programs designed to help children who have been exposed to domestic violence. Our children’s services include behavior assessment, art and play therapy, and relationship building.

Escaping the cycle of domestic violence requires many different kinds of support. At WINGS, our team works in concert to meet these needs – whether they be housing, legal assistance, job skills training or job search support. Our goal at WINGS is to provide what our clients need to give flight to their hopes and dreams.

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WINGS Mentoring Program

WINGS Mentoring Program provides ongoing support for individuals who
have successfully completed our two-year program and achieved self-sufficiency. Our mentoring programs include:


ALAS (Advocating for LatinX Achieving Self-Sufficiency), serves men and women who are suffering from domestic violence by providing support, and encouragement to build upon existing strengths. ALAS also provides Support Groups, access to Parenting Groups, English classes and other activities that emphasize self-development and self-sufficiency.

Career Services

Increased income and employability are key factors in achieving independence and self-confidence. Women meet with skilled volunteers for assessment, vocational counseling, and referrals to education and training. Together they create a plan to increase income and work within the larger community to identify employment opportunities.

Project Lifeline

Project Lifeline links community members, or Mentors, with women who are homeless or victims of domestic violence, completed WINGS Housing Programs, or received outreach counseling through WINGS. A minimum 6-month commitment is required. Mentors are trained and receive ongoing support while they provide one-on-one encouragement to women seeking enhanced quality of life and financial stability.

giving flight to hopes & dreams

At WINGS, we work tirelessly to empower victims of domestic violence with the tools they need to thrive beyond abuse. Our program provides vital mentoring and counseling, assistance with budget and career goals, and referrals to free community resources. WINGS also continues to support our clients well after they move on to self-sufficiency. WINGS Alumni embrace and mentor those who have graduated from our program.