WINGS Resale Stores offer a wide variety of beautiful clothes as well as outstanding selections of home décor, furniture, accessories, jewelry and footwear. A continued commitment to provide customers with exceptional products allowed increased customer engagement and market share. The incredible dedication of WINGS staff, volunteers and donors should be commended in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to a shutdown in March of 2020, the stores were on track for record sales and significant net profits to put back to programs. As the stores closed for over two months during the shutdown, over 350 donation pick-ups were made by the Transportation Team resulting in several truckloads of clothing, housewares and accessories. These donations from dedicated donors throughout the Chicagoland area helped replenish inventory for all of the stores.

The Resale Stores successfully reopened in June of 2020 under new safety and protection protocols put in place by the Resale Staff.

Donation Drives

A special thank you to our individual, corporate, and faith community donors. YOU make our stores successful!

David Kahan, WINGS COO

During the shutdown, WINGS Resale continued pick-ups and donation drives in the following locations: