WINGS Mission

The mission of WINGS Program, Inc. is to provide housing, integrated services, education and advocacy to end domestic violence.

WINGS Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the potential and strength to overcome difficult life circumstances and to accomplish goals that will lead to an enhanced quality of life.

We are committed to treating each adult and child in a respectful and compassionate manner while valuing the unique qualities and needs of each individual and family.

We provide high-quality facilities, intensive client support, and integrated continuum of housing and services.

We employ safety planning and a Trauma Informed Care model across all of our services.

Diversity and Inclusion Our Foundation for Ending Domestic Violence

WINGS Program, Inc. understands that Diversity and Inclusion are a vital part of our mission. Together we will continue to foster an inclusive culture that supports, values, connects and honors the diverse voices and needs of our employees, clients, board and volunteers, donors and customers, and partners.

New Councils

WINGS is excited to announce the creation of the North Shore Leadership Council. Chairs Maria Shideler and Katherine Banich lead the group, which successfully organized the North Shore Ladies Luncheon in June.

In May 2023 WINGS held an introductory event to spread awareness about domestic violence and WINGS solutions. A new Nashville Leadership Council is on the horizon which will focus on fundraising to create a domestic violence focused needs assessment for the city.