Jenner and Block

In 2000, Lynne Grayson, a partner at Jenner and Block, contacted Rebecca Darr to inquire about a service project to bring women lawyers together to support organizations raising up women. The Women Everywhere project was born.

Lynne ensured that Jenner and Block supported all of WINGS legal needs. Since this relationship began 23 years ago, Jenner and Block has provided close to $1 million in pro bono legal services to WINGS.

While Lynne has moved to a different firm, Jenner and Block continues to assist WINGS. Lynne remains a true friend to our agency.

Rebecca Darr, WINGS President & CEO with Lynne Grayson


Wintrust and its network of local community banks have been very generous to WINGS, including sponsoring numerous events.

WINGS was honored to be featured on a mural on Wintrust building along Interstate 90
“WINGS is relentless in its mission to end domestic violence. As a member of the WINGS Metro Associate Council, I have had the privilege of meeting many of WINGS staff and graduates.

It’s truly inspiring to be part of a village of people who have an uncompromising drive to make a lasting difference at the individual level and at the community level,”
Katie De Runtz
AVP Wintrust Financial Corporation

Citi Retail Services

For over 11 years, our friends at Citi Retail Services have provided generous grants, hosted drives for needed items and volunteered their time.

“We love the work that WINGS does and are so glad we were able to donate again this year. We look forward to supporting your organization during our Global Community Days. Keep up the good work you are doing to help victims of domestic violence; it is so sorely needed,” Mary Breier, VP and Public Affairs Officer, Citi Retail Services.

Citi volunteers sorting donations at WINGS Logistics Center